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New board game "Razzia im Hanffeld"
From the inovative crew at Branden Gates Studios:
New Board Game now ready for you to play!
"Razzia im Hanffeld" is the new Board Game for 2 to 4 players which has as its theme the subject of Marihuna. All players meet at a hidden canabis field while the police is beginning a raid... now quick and well thought moves have to be made to reach the secure hiding of a nearby forest...the last one is caught by the dogs... more
Branden Gates Studios now on Instagram

We expanded our presence on the web. Our best fotos will be regularly (daily or weekly) posted on Instagram. Please visit us and subscibe to our posts.   here
The newest Tiffany-Style Window of Mathias Oehlert. The window depicts a group of people sitting in harmony wile the sourrounding sea and sky is trembling ... more
New Stained Glass Windows for church in Africa:
Designs for the new windows of the Heart of Christ Church in Togo are completed:
Together with the Consul of the Republic of Togo we presented representatives of the church our designs for new Stained Glass windows. The different designs represent different themes and styles ... more
One of our supporters just came back from Africa. He brought us the following fotos:

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Alexandra Oehlert is an inspiring
painter from Maikammer/Germany.

If you are in Canada, don´t miss to
visit this store:

In all our travells we have not seen a
store like this. By the way, Mike has a
very interesting web-page!
Marvellous Stained Glass in the house of
Horace Walpole, a known english writer.
200 year old Stained Glass Windows.
visit them under this Link :
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