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Katholische Pfarrgemeinde in Togo wartet auf Fenster von Bran den Gates Studios
Archived News No. AP404 from May 2018
Branden Gates Studios creates Church Windows for catholic Church in Africa:
The parrish of Kpadafe has a wish for Stained Glass Windows. By referal of the Togolese Consulate in Germany we learned about the small town of Kpadafe in Togo, West Africa. They build their own church by community effort and most of them know Stained Glass windows only through a visit to the capitals cathedrale. Now it is our turn to create them two new artistic windows.

Since the name of the church is "Heart of Christ" the community wishes a stained glass window which reflects this theme. We designed two windows to this subject: one in the traditional classic style and another in Tiffany Technique. One has to mention that churches in Africa are a bit more conservative than we know them from Europe. Daring artistic experiments are not desired, people like the traditional styles.

With the next two designs we liked to create a compromise between the public's desire for traditional art and our wish for a bit of artistic freedom: there are St.Peter fishing and St.Martin on the horse. Both windows allow that we create an abstract background from different glasses to reach a maximum of light breakage. The windows will face east and we expect to have a great light from the morning sun when they hold morning mess.
Look into our Newsletter - we will regularly update all information about this project:
In a short wile the people of Kpadafe will finalise the decission, which design they will pick. Next we will make complete drawings and select the different colours 0f glass. The production of the windows will take our craftsmen in Germany about 3 month. We still have to find a way, how to get the finished windows down to Africa where we personally will install them. Look foreward to see all this on video on our channel.

At this point we like to ask for your support: the entire project is financed by donations (and we like to thank our main donor, who initiated this project and likes to stay annonymous). Since the costs will be higher then exspected we like to ask you for your support. The names of all major donors will be placed on a plaque and we gladly engrave an "in memory of ..." with the name of one of your beloved. The local pastot has assured us, that he could even read a memorial service in the name of the deceased.
Please contact us, if you can supportthis project. We will refere you the the catholic churcg office where you can send your donation. In most cases all donations are tax-deductible.
Further we need the help of a metal smith to weld the frames. Another help we would need is that of transporting the windows down to Africa.
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Kpadafe is located in Togo, West Afrika. Press this link to learn more about the region.
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