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news archieves from September 2018
New Board Game by Branden Gates Studios now available:

The team of Branden Gates Studios likes to present you a new game. Our goal was, to develop a simple board  game which can be played by 2, 3 or 4  persons in about a half hour  time while sitting in a coffee shop or bar promising lots of fun. The game requires logical thinking, but also allows unforeseen moves through a bit of luck.

The theme should be attractive for young people and that is how "Razzia I'm Hanffeld" was born. A group of young people meets for a party on a hidden marijuana plantation. All players move their checkers one by one on the marihuana field which is surrounded by corn fields and a forest. When all stones are placed a swat team of the police arrives raiding the party.
In the course of the game all players have to reach the safety of the forest. One moves his/her checkers in turns, trying to gain advantage by blocking opponents or jumping over them. Special attention has to be given to the terrain - there are swamps to be avoided. Who is first to have all his checkers placed on a secure tree, has won the game.

While most other games either only allow logical planing or are totally based on luck through a throw of a dice, Razzia im Hanffeld combines both components: you have to be mentally alert and plan your moves, but unfortunately our party goers start to play with their cell phones once they reached a secure tree. Players have to draw from a card deck. What is happening then creates excitement: players fall off the tree or give a helping hand to an opponent. Some are caught by the police others are reprimanded by their own mother.

Concluding one can say, Razzia im Hanffeld is an entertaining game, which can be played by two people as well as three or four within a bit less then half an hour. The rules are explained in a few seconds. We hope that this game will find its place in your circle of friends and in your coffee shop and corner bar.
Razzia im Hanffeld comes in a stable carton with 57 coloured checkers, instruction sheet and game cards.
In the future we will publish at this spot a list of retail stores, which carry the game. The average salesprice is around 17 Euro.

We have removed our game from amazon and from e-bay. The reason lies in the increased difficulty in dealing with them. The harrased us with never ending e-mails: the wanted tax numbers, certificates and constantly sent us bills. As soon as we complied with one of their requests, came another demand. We are tiered dealing with the big tech companies. Even facebook became a headege (they wanted a copy of our passport to continue service!).
Just send us an e-mail and we will mail you a copy. Afterwards you pay us - we do trust our customers.

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