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From the play box of Branden Gates Studios:
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"Razzia im Hanffeld" (Police raid in the hem field) is the new board game for 2, 3 or 4 persons. The players meet for a party in the hem field while police helicopters land. By moving your checkers the right way you might reach the security of the forrest ... last one will loose... more
Church windows for Kapdafe getting along

You might recall that some years ago to young men, who were working at Branden Gates Studios, brought up the idear to support a Catholic church in West Africa by presenting them a stained glass window. The church is located in the small village of Kapdafe in Togo and its congregation was looking foreward to their windows.
The entire staff of Branden Gates was excited and got to work. We presented various designs and let the church elders pick their favorites. We even got he support of two friends who pledged a small amount of money. Then came Covid: the two young men left the company and went on in their lives. Mathias Oehlert decided to continue to work on the project and said, he would make the windows at his own expense. One got finished. It depicts the apostle Peter and you can see the finished window on our web site.
Now, finally after two years have passed, we are getting momentum in the affair: the design for the second window is ready. It depicts virgin Marry with the Jesus Baby on her arms. We want to depict an African mother and to this purpose our friends of the Togo Society came and visited. They gave their input and choosed the glass.
If everything goes well, the window should be completet before winter and in January it will go to Togo.
here the link to the original project:

Branden Gates Studios makes church windows for Afrika:

Designs for the new windows of the Heart-of-Christ Church in Togo are ready:
In the presens of the Consul of the Republic of Togo we present different designs which represent different stiles and themes... more
In the following gallery you see a short summery of all the things releating to the church windows for Kapdafe

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